Apply for an Industrial Design

Guidelines for Applying for an Industrial Design.

How do I apply for an Industrial Design in Trinidad and Tobago?

  1. Applicants are advised to obtain a copy of the Industrial Designs Rules and Regulations available at the Government Printery, Victoria Avenue, Tragarete Road, Port of Spain.
  2. A specimen copy of the application is available at the Intellectual Property Office. This form should be copied on to A4 size paper, single sided only. The copied Form should be filled out in duplicate and submitted with the following:
  • Signed Power of Attorney (if the application is being filed by the Applicant’s Attorney/ Agent).
  • If the Industrial Design is three dimensional, four graphic representations or four drawings or tracings of each of the different sides/views
  • Graphic representation, drawing or tracing of the industrial design not exceeding 10 x 20 centimetres. Such representations, drawings or tracings shall be affixed on to four sheets of cardboard of A4 size
  • Drawings and tracings shall be in Black Ink
  • A specimen shall be of a size not exceeding 20 x 20 x 20 centimetres.