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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) Center provides international services for the resolution of disputes relating to Intellectual Property (IP), in particular, by administering cases under the WIPO Rules for Mediation, WIPO Rules for Arbitration, WIPO Rules for Expedited Arbitration, and WIPO Rules for Expert Determination, as well as procedures for the resolution of Internet domain name disputes.

The WIPO Center also helps develop and administers tailored dispute resolution rules for specific IP related sectors. As an independent, neutral, and non-profit service provider, the WIPO Center maintains an up-to-date dispute management infrastructure and an international database of IP mediators, arbitrators and experts. For list of local IP Neutrals please click the following link.

List of local IP Neutrals

This service can be accessed by downloading the form and following the instructions. The other party shall complete section 2(b). Once completed the form should be emailed to Please see the following link to download the form.

Request for WIPO Mediation

For further information, you can book an online appointment for a free consultation with WIPO Mediation Center by clicking here as well as perusing the following links:

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