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Intellectual Property Office - Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Legal Affairs, Trinidad and Tobago

Trainer/IP Neutral

Mr. Nicholas Lue Sue

Nicholas Lue Sue is a seasoned intellectual property (IP) and Patent specialist with over twenty years of experience in the field. His expertise in patent drafting, prior art searching, patent analysis, patentability analysis, IP valuation, licensing, non-disclosure agreements, and patent prosecution has been a valuable asset to numerous innovative businesses and inventors seeking to protect their inventions and ideas.

Nicholas Lue Sue has a strong academic background in agriculture, biosciences and chemistry, with a degree in Agriculture from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine. He then went on to obtain a postgraduate certificate from the University of London. This unique combination of technical and legal expertise has been instrumental in helping clients navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of patent law.

Nicholas Lue Sue’s approach to patent drafting is focused on capturing the essence of an invention and translating it into a well-written and defensible patent application. He understands that the key to obtaining a strong patent is to ensure that it is drafted with the right level of detail and technical specificity, while also taking into account the latest legal developments and patent office guidelines. He has meticulous attention to detail and deep understanding of the patent process.

Nicholas Lue Sue has experience in patent prosecution, including drafting responses to office actions and conducting interviews with patent examiners. He has a deep understanding of the patent office’s rules and procedures and works tirelessly to help clients navigate the patent prosecution process and obtain strong and defensible patents.

In addition to patent drafting, Nicholas Lue Sue is also skilled in conducting prior art searches and patentability analyses to help clients determine the viability of their inventions and identify any potential infringement risks. His extensive experience in patent analysis has allowed him to provide valuable insights to clients on the strength of their patents, as well as their potential commercial value.

When it comes to IP valuation and licensing, Nicholas Lue Sue has the expertise to provide accurate and comprehensive assessments of the value of a client’s intellectual property. He works closely with clients to identify potential licensees and negotiate favorable licensing agreements that help them monetize their inventions while also protecting their IP rights.

Finally, Nicholas Lue Sue is also highly proficient in drafting non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) that protect clients’ confidential information and trade secrets. His experience in this area has allowed him to provide valuable advice on how to best protect clients’ IP rights when working with third parties.

In summary, Nicholas Lue Sue is a highly skilled and experienced patent attorney and IP specialist who has helped numerous inventors, innovative businesses, and attorneys protect their intellectual property rights. His technical and legal expertise, combined with his meticulous attention to detail and client-centered approach, have made him a trusted advisor and ally to clients seeking to navigate the complex and often challenging world of patents.