Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Intellectual Property Office - Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Legal Affairs, Trinidad and Tobago


Mr. Mario Whiteman

My goal as an individual which has been in the field of Intellectual property for the past thirteen years is to undoubtedly create awareness about IP and to inspire using the system to its full advantage.

Creating business ideas has always been a passion of mine and so being an advocate in the arena of IP has led to a seamless amalgamation which provides me with enormous gratification.

At the Intellectual property Office, I have had the privilege to provide the type of information that has taken business practitioners to the next level. Participating in several international and regional training seminars has afforded me the opportunity to become adept in the realm of Ip which has allowed successful transfer of knowledge to clients and participants in clinics where with I have functioned.

Apart from IP I enjoy sports, namely football and I am an avid chess player. In my younger days I played football at a semi-professional level and I have highlighted this to be the cause for my very competitive nature having won many titles with youth teams and semi-professional teams. My contributions to the success of the teams I played for at those times were tremendous just as I intend now to contribute to the overall success of persons whose aims are to be successful now